El Ten Eleven
It's Still Like a Secret

El Ten Eleven - It's Still Like a Secret
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Year:  2010
Type:  Album
Genres:  Rock, Electronic
Styles:  Post-Rock
Indie Electronic
Producer:  El Ten Eleven
Recording Places:  "SDRL" in San Diego, California, USA
"Music Friends Studio" in Los Angeles, California, USA
"Mission 30" in Santa Monica, California, USA
"Atwater Deluxe Rehearsals" in Los Angeles, California, USA
Mastering Place:  "Capitol Mastering" in Hollywood, California, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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This cheeky post-rock record with android dance moves and childish guitar lines is a perfect soundtrack for conquering new planets without a single shot. But keeping in mind the self-destructive proclivities of the humankind I must say that this is also a suitable musical illustration for turning your own planet into barren wastelands.


Label:  Fake Record Label
Catalog:  FRL004
Release Year:  2010
Total Playing Time:  41:38


# Title Time
1 Ya No 1:49
2 The Sycophants Are Coming! The Sycophants Are Coming! 3:13
3 Indian Winter 4:42
4 Falling 3:11
5 Triangle Face 4:12
6 Ian MacKaye Was Right 4:16
7 Marriage Is the New Going Steady 3:34
8 Cease and Persist 3:45
9 Anxiety Is Cheap 4:04
10 Settling with Power 3:02
11 83 1:58
12 Tomorrow Is an Excuse for Today 3:52

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