David Arkenstone
Valley in the Clouds

David Arkenstone - Valley in the Clouds
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Year:  1987
Type:  Album
Genres:  New Age, Electronic
Styles:  New Age
Progressive Electronic
Producers:  Eric Lindert
David Arkenstone
Recording Period:  July, 1986 — December, 1986
Recording Place:  "DV Productions" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Mastering Place:  "Disc Mastering" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Language:  English
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There's an opinion among some music journalists, that 80s can be easily considered the worst decade in Euterpe's range of interests with its considerable moral decadence and overuse of soulless synthesizers. For a significant amount of time, I was of the same view. Right now, I think otherwise – 2010s are the worst. Artists have to share every part of their body via social networks in order to be successful, education and talent are the swear words, and everything is poisoned by politically correct stupidity. Be that as it may, 80s new age music is the most intriguing of its kind. And the romantic and adventurous debut album from the new age guru is surely somewhere on the top of the stack. The short booklet notice says that you're about to dive deep into the brand new world. For me, this is 1000% true. The fact that there's only one chapter in the life of the Valley in the Clouds is as sad as another one – there's only one season of Firefly. To be honest, it is the only album I've heard like literally more than a hundred times – maybe because it is extremely suitable for hubba-hubba activity, or maybe 'cause it's simply brilliant.


Label:  Narada Mystique
Catalog:  ND-62001
Release Year:  1987
Total Playing Time:  40:45


# Title Time
1 Ancient Legend 3:55
2 Stepping Stars 3:46
3 Valley in the Clouds 3:36
4 Princess 3:33
5 Eastern Dream 4:52
6 Night Wind 3:56
7 Rain 5:43
8 The Sun Girl 4:38
9 Lost Temple 6:46

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