Chely Wright
The Metropolitan Hotel

Chely Wright - The Metropolitan Hotel
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Year:  2005
Type:  Album
Genre:  Country
Styles:  Contemporary Country
Producers:  Chely Wright
Jeff Huskins
Stephony Smith
Recording Places:  "Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"The Tracking Room" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"The Tin Ear" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Cartee Day Studios" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Blackbird Studio" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"The Village" in Los Angeles, California, USA
"Trans Continental Studios" in Orlando, Florida, USA
"Sound Kitchen" in Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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Listening to "The Metropolitan Hotel" is like watching a football game – who's going to win: the money-making side of Chely, which is stuck with harmless country-pop, or her side that is eager to make moving music. They score in turn and the latter side wins by a nose. The most spectacular goal is "The River," highlighted by the drowning strings. Bill Callahan would really appreciate them. On the whole, the album makes a favorable impression, but there's a couple of ridiculous missteps. The first being the semi patriotic nonsense about a sticker on her bumper dedicated to a suburban middle finger. Now just for a second imagine Britney Spears writing songs to her haters – she would be more prolific than Aidan Baker. After earning immortal status in the Tarantino movie, Chuck Berry's "C'est La Vie" doesn't need new versions, because they are all doomed to sound like a cheap cover band. Choosing it as a single was the second mishit. While the most obvious contender "Just the Way We Do It" stayed out of sight. Its catchy bridge and infectious chorus could have blown up the charts. They still can. Chely, release it as a single right now and set up a new Guinness World Record.


Label:  Dualtone Records
Catalog:  80302-01200-2
Release Year:  2005
Total Playing Time:  49:07


# Title Time
1 It's the Song 3:58
2 Back of the Bottom Drawer 3:44
3 I Got Him Ready for You 3:20
4 The River 6:29
5 Just the Way We Do It 3:39
6 The Bumper of My S.U.V. 4:42
7 Your Shirt 3:55
8 Between a Mother and a Child 4:09
9 Southside of Lonesome 4:01
10 Wheels 3:45
11 C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell) 3:14
12 What If I Can't Say No Again 4:11

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