The Charlie Daniels Band
Fire on the Mountain

The Charlie Daniels Band - Fire on the Mountain
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Year:  1974
Type:  Album
Genre:  Rock
Styles:  Southern Rock
Producer:  Paul Hornsby
Recording Places:  "Capricorn Sound Studios" in Macon, Georgia, USA
"War Memorial Auditorium" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Language:  English
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Working class country that is scaled to fit the stadium thanks to the jamming on most studio tracks and two live performances in the end. But the irony is that the most pleasing song here is a tale about a redneck hippy unwilling to work. "Long Haired Country Boy" could be the shiniest diamond on "The Big Lebowski" soundtrack. The CD reissue of this album is a perfect example of the devil-may-care attitude. "The South's Gonna Do It Again" doesn't have the word "again" on the vinyl cover, though it is distinctively pronounced in the song. "New York City, King Size Rosewood Red" cannot be explained by fat fingers – the letters "R" and "B" are not the neighbors on the qwerty keyboard.


Label:  Epic Records
Catalog:  EK 34365
Release Year:  1986
Total Playing Time:  42:33


# Title Time
1 Caballo Diablo 4:29
2 Long Haired Country Boy 4:04
3 Trudy 4:52
4 Georgia 3:07
5 Feeling Free 4:11
6 The South's Gonna Do It 4:00
7 New York City, King Size Rosewood Bed 3:26
8 No Place to Go 11:24
9 Orange Blossom Special 3:00

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