Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Storyteller
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Year:  2015
Type:  Album
Genres:  Country, Pop
Styles:  Contemporary Country
Adult Contemporary
Producers:  Jay Joyce
Mark Bright
Zach Crowell
Recording Places:  "St. Charles Studio" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Starstruck Studios" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Sound Stage Studios" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Mastering Place:  "Gateway Mastering Studios" in Portland, Maine, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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Like vintage wine, Carrie's voice is only getting better as the years go by. "Smoke Break" is the best possible proof – this plain story always takes my breath away. The characters behind the remaining stories are either overly assertive or simply uninteresting. She is desperately trying to jump out of the American Idol pants, but those pants are tough to get rid of. They will chase you for the rest of your life. If you wanna see the 3rd of February, you're gonna need a miracle – find the will to change something deep inside of you… or switch labels.


Label:  Arista Nashville
Catalog:  88875-10539-2
Release Year:  2015
Total Playing Time:  46:11


# Title Time
1 Renegade Runaway 3:40
2 Dirty Laundry 3:25
3 Church Bells 3:15
4 Heartbeat 3:31
5 Smoke Break 3:20
6 Choctaw County Affair 3:31
7 Like I'll Never Love You Again 3:37
8 Chaser 4:24
9 Relapse 3:24
10 Clock Don't Stop 3:23
11 The Girl You Think I Am 3:38
12 Mexico 3:28
13 What I Never Knew I Always Wanted 3:35

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