The Black Keys

The Black Keys - Brothers
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Year:  2010
Type:  Album
Genre:  Rock
Styles:  Blues-Rock
Garage Rock
Swamp Rock
Producers:  The Black Keys
Danger Mouse
Mark Neill
Recording Places:  "Muscle Shoals Sound Studio" in Sheffield, Alabama, USA
"The Bunker Studio" in Brooklyn, New York City, NY, USA
"Easy Eye Sound System" in Akron, Ohio, USA
"Soil of the South" in San Diego, California, USA
Mastering Place:  "Magic Garden Mastering" in Columbus, Ohio, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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I don't get it. What is here to acclaim? The labored teen blues from a dusty garage crammed with wheelchairs? The duo's boy-meets-girl lyrics sometimes is as banal as the trite phrase "Let's fly to the sky" in every second trance anthem. Although the swampy sound does create the stifling atmosphere in the room, as if your speakers are choking, because they're stuffed with Louisiana dirt and water plants. I wonder whether the rubber list "1001 albums" is ever going to burst like a soap bubble. I assure you that you can die safely never hearing this album. The Grammy awarded cover was rather difficult to find in the superb quality. I was able to do it only by obtaining an Australian IP.


Label:  Nonesuch Records
Catalog:  520266-2
Release Year:  2010
Total Playing Time:  55:35


# Title Time
1 Everlasting Light 3:24
2 Next Girl 3:18
3 Tighten Up 3:31
4 Howlin' for You 3:12
5 She's Long Gone 3:06
6 Black Mud 2:09
7 The Only One 5:00
8 Too Afraid to Love You 3:25
9 Ten Cent Pistol 4:29
10 Sinister Kid 3:44
11 The Go Getter 3:37
12 I'm Not the One 3:49
13 Unknown Brother 4:00
14 Never Gonna Give You Up 3:39
15 These Days 5:12

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