Ashley Monroe
The Blade

Ashley Monroe - The Blade
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Year:  2015
Type:  Album
Genre:  Country
Style:  Contemporary Country
Producers:  Vince Gill
Justin Niebank
Recording Places:  "The House" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Hound's Ear Studio" in Franklin, Tennessee, USA
"Blackbird Studio" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Mastering Place:  "Georgetown Masters" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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As a true artist, Ashley Monroe doesn't milk the same cow twice. She drastically expands her sound on "The Blade," which means that you can hear pretty much amazing tunes here – from the folksy ones to the magnificent post-country on "From Time to Time." The butt-swaying opener "On to Something Good" warms you up with sexy bleating on the high notes. The slowcore masterpiece "Bombshell" informs you that she's going to take the listeners by the throat with strong emotions, and not autobiographical facts. The inspired first 33 seconds of "Weight of the Load" are worth the whole average Nashville album. The cuckoo piano keys on "Winning Streak" are the perfect musical warning to all the gamblers. We should be really thankful to the White Holes of the universe for blessing our dying planet with such a talented woman.


Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog:  549777-2
Release Year:  2015
Total Playing Time:  46:51


# Title Time
1 On to Something Good 3:49
2 I Buried Your Love Alive 3:15
3 Bombshell 3:17
4 Weight of the Load 4:00
5 The Blade 3:28
6 Winning Streak 3:11
7 From Time to Time 4:04
8 If Love Was Fair 3:50
9 Has Anybody Ever Told You 3:54
10 Dixie 3:27
11 If the Devil Don't Want Me 3:41
12 Mayflowers 3:41
13 I'm Good at Leavin' 3:14

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