Angaleena Presley

Angaleena Presley - Wrangled
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Year:  2017
Type:  Album
Genre:  Country
Styles:  Contemporary Country
Alternative Country
Producers:  Angaleena Presley
Oran Thornton
Recorded:  June, 2016
Recording Places:  "Ronnie's Place" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"Pioneertown Recording Company" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
"The Casino" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Mastering Place:  "Chris Athens Masters" in Austin, Texas, USA
Language:  English
Links:  AllMusic
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I love Miranda Lambert for the ability to decrease the amount of gray matter in your brain with a burst of whiskey shots. Ashley Monroe can help you finish a bottle of good wine. While Angaleena Presley seems to be hiding a sour milk carton behind her back. Don't get me wrong – I still admire her kind of dusty country. She starts "High School" with minimal punk intro, descends to a godforsaken prom song, and aborts it with a familiar Annies' sigh. The full throttle country-rap hybrid "Country" is the first one of its kind that doesn't make me wanna throw up. The indigestible blend of rap and country has only been disappointing me so far. The midnight rocker "Mama I Tried" is yet another reason to never let this album pass you by. Cheerless "Dreams Don't Come True" and funeral "Cheer Up Little Darling" suggest that this adult country record is intended for people in their late thirties.


Label:  Mining Light Music
Catalog:  ML001
Release Year:  2017
Total Playing Time:  47:17


# Title Time
1 Dreams Don't Come True 4:17
2 High School 3:08
3 Only Blood 4:43
4 Country 3:35
5 Wrangled 4:43
6 Bless My Heart 3:14
7 Outlaw 4:10
8 Mama I Tried 4:03
9 Cheer Up Little Darling 4:41
10 Groundswell 3:34
11 Good Girl Down 4:43
12 Motel Bible 2:26

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