I Love Music

I love every genre of music and regret that there's no open web resource that is obsessively paranoid about its content. That's why I'm launching this site. If you get to like it, please consider donating.

Perfect Playlists

Have you ever wondered if there's this one and only music database that contains no errors at all? Believe me, there isn't. The collective mind is supposed to solve this problem. That's why I wrote some piece of code, the Analyzer, which compares tracklists from different sources and indicates inconsistencies. This simple tool helps me avoid typos on my site.

The Analyzer doesn't just compare text strings sign by sign, it analyzes tracklists and looks for typical word structures. The following strings will be considered the same, though they don't look identical:

If you find a mistake in the tracklists on this site, I'M GONNA GIVE YOU $50. If this site gains your support, THE AMOUNT OF THE REWARD WILL BE INCREASED.

Capitalization Rules

Another useful functionality of the code is Capitalization Rules application ON SEVERAL EUROPEAN LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, IRISH and ICELANDIC.


Look at the following zoomed pictures. Which one do you like best? I prefer images of the third type. Unfortunately, they are extremely scarce.

That's the second reason this project is being started — to collect the superb covers. Most of the existing sites with covers don't care about the quality and sometimes even degrade it on purpose, some of them have the outdated restrictions on dimensions (e.g. 600 x 600).